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Optometrist Visit



InfantSEE assessments reported since inception of the program in 2005.



Infants identified with cause for concern since inception of the program.



Eye and vision conditions identified since inception of the program.

Through InfantSEE's outreach to the public, healthcare professionals and state and federal legislators, the word spreads about the importance of eye and vision care beginning at 6 months of age. InfantSEE intends to change the way parents think about eye care for their infants - and the entire family. The program has the opportunity to educate the public about the profession of optometry and its important role in the healthcare landscape. 

Mother and toddler

Nearly 50% of parents with children under the age of 6 have never taken their child to an eye doctor.

- Think About Your Eyes

AOA member doctors of optometry's clinical education, training and experience provide the means to ensure primary eye and vision care become an essential part of infant wellness care. InfantSEE providers impact communities across the country by agreeing to provide one time, no-cost eye and vision assessments to babies 6 to 12 months of age regardless of family income or access to insurance coverage.

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